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Tomasz Bazan

"Station de Corps"

“I’d like to see this place… Then go and see it and come back and tell me how it is… The key is in my bag… You could go together… I’m prepared…” — ZOO, P. Greeneway

I am dancing here for you. This is my station. I am sure that it is possible for us to meet at this station. There is only one rule at this station: you have to prove that you are dancing for me; you will do anything to convince me, even if you have to treat your body as a container ignoring its damage. If this happens then we will meet and make an agreement: I will dance for you. But if you fail we will have to part and then I will take what you have given for ever.
Attempts to make contact with another person. An attempt to grasp the resultant changes within us.
Is the body merely a container? Does my body belong to me or do I belong to my body? The indeterminate nature of these questions causes a state of permanent movement in relation to my own self. I am observing the efforts to go beyond these limits.

Dance for Renate Jett

direction, choreography, dance: Tomasz Bazan with: Patrycja Płanik , Paweł Korbus video: Paweł Korbus costumes: Patrycja Płanik music: Joanna Duda technical realization: Maciej Połynko choreographic consultations: Tania Androwska collaboration: Karolina Wesołowska production: Teatr Maat Projekt CK Lublin, Oliver Ricco Foundation thanks to: Art Stations Foundation, Stary Browar, Poznań

Tomasz Bazan, he has founded Teatr Maat Projekt; a creator and director of the international dance and movement festival Maat Festival; a Kunst Gillian Gallery Berlin member; a Lublin’s Arts Centre employee; a Teatr Centralny’s associate. He graduated from Culture Studies Department at Maria Skłodowska University, specializing in Fine Art Critisism. He has been improving his dance technique through the participation in workshops, conferences, internships and coachings led by outstanding dancers and martial arts practitioners, both in Poland and abroad. Since 2004 he has been leading his very own Teatr Maat Projekt, in which he had a chance to pursue his physical training and cultural research. He has been cooperating with remarkable theatre companies, dancers, choreographers and directors in Poland as well as abroad (incl. Krzysztof Warlikowski’s Nowy Teatr, Renate Jett, Jacek Poniedziałek, Centre for Theatre Research Gardzienice, Kunst Gillian Gallery Berlin, Dance Art Now Londyn, Compagne le Sablier Francja, Opera Narodowa – Teatr Wielki Warszawa, Art Stations Foundation / Stary Browar Poznań, Teatr Provisorium, Teatr Nowy w Łodzi, Teatr Dramatyczny Warszawa, Teatr Powszechny Warszawa and others). He has also been awarded a Polish Arts Council scholarship (2011). He has been able to create his own unique style, organizing various projects including performances, happenings and collective installations shown and exhibited at many prestigious places in Poland and abroad (Germany, Norway, Ukraine, Belarus, France, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Spain and Belgium).