Polish Dance Platform



“Zamek” Culture Centre in Poznań is one of the largest and most dynamic institutions of its kind in Poland. Its programme encompasses all artistic disciplines: visual arts, music, film, literature, theatre, dance and artistic education. In the unique spaces of the Castle we organize meetings, exhibitions, concerts, film retrospectives, theatre performances, workshops; we also perform excellently as producers of major open-air events. An area that gains more and more prominence in our program is the contemporary dance theatre, which enjoys immense popularity throughout Europe.

From 2003 to 2006, CK “Zamek” was the Polish partner to the Trans Danse Europe project, which consisted in an exchange of dance theatre companies and choreographers between nine dance festivals and cultural centers from France, Belgium, Island, Slovenia, Denmark, Finland, the Czech Republic and Poland. The artists assumed artistic residency at different centers, where they prepared pieces later presented in all partner towns. In 2003, “Zamek” held residency for the French company Rialto Fabrik Nomade (who showed their performance in Poznań a year later).

Within the TDE framework, “Zamek” presented also: a piece prepared by the outstanding Belgian choreographer Karine Pontier, and performed by Czech artists (2004), “Kilka błyskotliwych spostrzeżeń” [Several Witty Observations] by Dada Theatre, “We are all Marlene Dietrich FOR” by Iceland Dance Company, “Helium” by the Belgian Compagnie Mossoux-Bonte, “Moment’’ by Magdalena Reiter (all in 2005), “Flow” and “Lucid Dreaming” by the Finnish Nomadi Productions, as well as “AlineAlone” by Granhoj Dans from Denmark (2006).

From 2006 to 2009, we co-organized (with Nuova Foundation) “The Spring Festival”, whose concept was to present the most interesting adaptations of “The Rite of Spring” by Igor Stravinsky. We saw “Sacre du Printemps” by Compagnie Heddy Maalem (2006); “Haru No Saiten. Un Sacre du Printemps” choreographed by Carlotta Ikeda and Ko Murobushi, performed by Compagnie Ariadone of Bordeaux (2007); “Sacre”, Stravinsky’s multimedia interpretation by Klaus Obermaier and Ars Electronica Futerlab (2008); “The Rite of Spring” choreographed by Emanuel Gat, performed by Emanuel Gat Dance and “Chant de courses”, in Cie Sulvie Guillermin’s interpretation. We are co-organizing Polish Dance Platform since 2008.



Stary Browar Nowy Taniec is a multileveled dance project run by Art Stations Foundation since October 2004. Its mission is to popularize and to promote the art of dance, especially its avant-garde trends (conceptual choreography, performance art, body art, multimedia and visual arts combined with stage and body based works) and next to it (or even first of all) to support a development of Polish choreography by turning Stary Browar Art Center into a regular “creation space” – first in Poland workspace - the meeting point of international and Polish artists and a platform of artistic dialogue, research and exchange of experiences.

Following the mission of the project, since the very opening Stary Browar Nowy Taniec introduces and supports young Polish artists. Beginning of 2006 the very first in Poland residency program for young choreographers – Solo Project – has been created providing each year three young artists with a scholarship and offering them not only financial help but first of all a space for work, artistic coaching and professional production & promotion support. With the aim of supporting development of Polish choreography, a series of coaching projects for young professionals has been started in 2007 and developed into Alternative Dance Academy project bringing together international choreographers and Polish artists for a week composition research. In the space of six years, nearly 20 contemporary dance spectacles have been created with production support from Art Stations Foundation. Since 2008 Stary Browar is hosting also Polish Dance Platform organized together with City Center of Culture The Castle. In 2008 Art Stations Foundation became an associated member of Aerowaves network and joined European Dancehouse Network (EDN) as a founding member. From June 2010, together with 18 partners from the whole Europe, the foundation opened modul-dance EU program that for next 4 years will bring to Stary Browar many international residents and will create another production possibilities (also for Polish artists).

With its general interest in art of choreography, its creative process and in discussion on contemporary dance, its history, theory and future, program Stary Browar Nowy Taniec makes Stary Browar a unique spot on a map of Polish dance – a place where conscious, open-minded and adventurous dance audience becomes a challenging partner for contemporary (not only young) choreographers. What a place and atmosphere for a development of contemporary dance!


i Tańca

The Institute of Music and Dance (IMIT) was established on 1st October 2010 by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Bogdan Zdrojewski. Its creation was preceded by a sector consultation and the three month preparation of the development strategy with the Polish organizations and institutions active in the field of music and dance. A key mission of the Institute is to act for the development of music and dance culture in Poland.

The Institute analyzes the operation of the dance and music sectors, submits reports and proposals to the Minister, providing expert advice; is responsible for holding documentation and archive; acts to enhance the quality of vocational education and society, promotes existing cultural institutions and non-governmental organizations; initiates new programmes. The institute also takes part in the exchange of information and experience between national and international sector organizations, it organizes workshops and trainings as well as it commissions scientific research.

During the first year of its operations, the Institute focused mainly on the development of two thematic portals (dedicated to dance and music) as well as on the preparation of the music status report and specific regional dance reports. Another crucial task of the Institute was to organize the Convention of Music and the First Dance Congress in April 2011. The Institute published also a Report on Condition of Polish Music and the report from the First Dance Congress. IMIT’s Department of Dance is running its 3 main programs (Stage for dance, International activities support program, and educational Thought in motion). From 2013 new programs will start to operate – Choreographic Commissions and the publishing one. Department created also the web portal taniecPOLSKA.pl – a bilingual database of Polish dance and open online Dance Library. To present Polish dance scene the fist dvd publication Dance_PL has been released in 2012.

Dance Department of IMIT is a co-organizer of conferences, panels and artistic events in the whole country and promotes Polish dance abroad.