Polish Dance Platform


Culture Centre

Zamek Culture Centre is located in the castle of Emperor Wilhelm II. Erected in years 1905-1910, in the interwar period the building was a residence of Polish presidents, as well as house to the University of Poznań. During World War II it was converted into Adolf Hitler's residence. In the post-war period, for several years it was the seat of the Poznań Municipality. Later, the Castle was designated to perform cultural functions, which cause it has served for over forty years.


Stary Browar - a city within a city, where commerce intertwines with art, history with the present time and peculiarity with everyday life. Shopping arcades adjoin the Art Courtyard, which promotes events related to painting, sculpture, theatre, music, dance, happenings as well as films. Stary Browar ("Old Brewery") was built on the premises of the former Hugger Brewery - real estate that is over one hundred years old. Its origins go back to 1844 when Ambrosius Hugger - a brewer from Wirtemberg - arrived in Poznań. Around 1876, his sons, Julius and Alfons, started to develop the Hugger Brewery which achieved such great popularity over time.