Polish Dance Platform


Of the 96 works applying for Polish Dance Platform 2012 the jury decided to select 12 works, considering them to be the most mature and original ones, marked by the personality of their makers and endowed with strong power of expression. We would like to emphasize that our choices were only based on the aesthetic value of the applying works. In our verdict we did not try to give a representative image of the Polish dance scene. The size of the performance did not matter for the jury. The most important criterion for selection was always the artistic quality of the work, not the quantity dancers on stage. The 8 solo works on the program of the Polish Dance Platform 2012 reflect the trend of presenting dance on stage as an individual statement, as well as the financial constraints faced by the artists. The jury was very glad to witness the new developments that have been made during the past two years: dramaturgically and technically the work is growing stronger. Thus, we regret the lack of appropriate support for a young and vital part of the dance field, that should get the chance to experiment with richer projects in terms of staging. We welcome the stylistic diversity of dance in Poland and its growing influence on the other arts - especially theater. We hope that the growth and development of contemporary dance in Poland will go hand in hand with the development of the critical discourse on dance, and with the development of wide and deeply interested audience.

Welcome to the Polish Dance Platform 2012!
Carine Meulders (President of the Jury)
Anna Królica
Jacek Kopciński



Worked for nine years at Beursschouwburg, arts center in Brussels. There she made the program for dance and performance and supported the work of Thomas Plischke, Arco Renz, Heine R. Avdal and Superamas a.o.. Currently she's the artistic director of wpZimmer, a workspace in Antwerp with a strong international bias: a place for beginning artists in the field of dance, physical theatre, performance, and more hybrid relatives to develop their work. wpZimmer establishes long-term relationships with artists, aiming for an independent place in the artistic scene. During the past years wpZimmer supported a.o. Charlotte Vanden Eynde, Etienne Guilloteau, Claire Croizé, Nada Gambier, Andros Zins-Browne, Tarek Halaby, Noé Soulier and Naomi Kerkhove.



dance critic, graduate of theatre studies and Russian studies at the Cracow’s Jagiellonian University; author of the first book about the recent history of contemporary dance in Poland – An Art to Discover. Essays on Polish Dance (Tarnów, 2011). The president of PERFORMA Foundation, co-founder and editor of dance portal nowytaniec.pl. She teaches history and theory of theatrical dance at the Jagiellonian University and research on the history of dance theatre (mostly german and Polish). She has written for “Teatr”, “Didascalia”, “Konteksty” and for websites www.dwutygodnik.com and www.kulturaenter.pl. She is also a dance promoter: author of many texts accompanying the Agora’s DVD collection “Ballet and Dance”; organizer of workshops for critics, lectures, and of the first competition for the best thesis on dance theater – project supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Currently she works on the issues of body and memory in the Tadeusz Kantor’s Theatre of Death and Pina Bausch’s Tanztheater Wuppertal. In 2008, she was a member of the Polish Dance Platform artistic Committee. In 2012, Anna is Minister of Culture and National Heritage scholarship holder.



Professor of Polish Academy of Science, Literary Studies Institute. Literature and theatre critic. Editor in chief of “Thetare” magazine, head of Theatre and Film Studies at Stanislaw Wyszynski Catholic University. Author of book monographs of Miron Białoszewski (1997) and Zbigniew Herbert (2008) and essays and talks on theatre (published in a book in 2002). He writes for „Pamiętnik Literacki”, „Dialog”, „Teksty Drugie” and „Theatre”.