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Izabela Chlewińska


“Tralfamadoria” is a planet. The place, where all moments – past, current and upcoming – exist and will exist forever, and death is just an illusion. My piece is inspired by famous Kurt Vonnegut “Slaughter House-Five” and is kind of a journey in time. It’s also an absurd trip in search of the sense of things we fear the most. It happens.

direction, choreography, music and dance: Izabela Chlewińska artistic collaboration: Arkadi Zaides dramaturgy, text, light: design Tomasz Śpiewak costume: Maciej Chojnacki in collaboration with: Klub Żak and with financial suport of City of: Lidzbark Warmiński

Izabela Chlewińska, graduate of the Bacewicz Music Academy, Depart- ment of Rhythmicity and Piano Improvisation in Łódź. She completed a qualifying course for contemporary dance instructors. She is a graduate of Cultural Management on the European Level at the Music Academy in Cracow. She received a prestigious danceWEB scholarship in Vienna in 2008 and the grant of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in 2009. Actress and dancer of Kazimierz Dejmek Nowy Theatre in Łódź. From 2004, she has been involved with Alter Dance Theatre in Kalisz. Laureate of an individual award for her part in the performance titled “Claw”, directed by Witold Jurewicz at the International Presentation of Contemporary Dance Forms | Kalisz | 2006. She produced performan- ces of her own: “Sin Piel” (premiere in April 2005), “Episode” (premiere in July 2007) and “I Fall I Roll and I Stay”, which premiered in Nowy Theatre in May 2008. She took part in projects with such great artists as Nigel Charnock, Gabriela Carrizo & Franck Chartier (Peeping Tom), Michael Schumacher or Ray Chung. Since 2008 Izabela collaborates as choreographer with drama theatres. That year she also created a solo “Ophelia is not dead” that toured to many places. From 2009 she also collaborates with Dada Theatre (“Przed południem przed zmierzchem”, “Le Sacre”).