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Bożena Elterman's Cynada Theatre

"Goodbye baby doll"

I am walking down the street, returning home after a rehersal. A red inscription painted on a fence enfolding a construction site catches my eye. “Goodbye baby doll”, it says. The next day I take the same route. I throw a glance... The writing is still there. It starts to work within me. On the third day I am already lookng forward to catch a view of it. It is mine. It is to me. From now on I do not stop thinking about it. I make a snap decision: Yes, the dolly must go away... Let’s see what she will leave behind.

direction, choreography, costume, lights, dance: Bożena Eltermann production: Maria Olszewska

Bożena Eltermann, founder and choreographer of Cynada Theatre (established in 1998). In the years 1989-1995 she was a soloist of Expression Theatre, one of the pioneers of movement and dance theatre in Poland. For 11 years she was running a studio in the former Gdansk Shipyard, co-creating with Marek Kakareko the Artists’ Colony since its inception. Aesthetic of Cynada Theatre originates from German Expressionism and its precursors Rudolf von Laban and Mary Wigman. The theatre is supported by the Gravity Foundation.